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Featuring in-depth research and opinion pieces on current issues of interest relating to China.

Recommended Readings
The East China Sea Conflictwhy Japan has a strong case and China is averse to resolving through arbitration
The Undercurrent in South China Sea Conflicthow China is eroding US' geopolitical hegemonic power by attacking the dollar hegemony - US' Archilles Heel.
US' Revolution in Military Affairshow the US used information technology and telecommunication capabilities since the 1970s to build the world's strongest military
China's Modernization of its Military under Xihow China is rapidly closing the gap with the US by emulating US' revolution in military affairs but with Chinese characteristics
The Rise of Neoconservatism in the US
US invasion of Iraq & Bernard Lewis’ “Clash of Civilization” Thesis: Bush Middle-East misadventures have resulted in erosion of legitimacy of US' role as a world police. Why did Bush administration choose to invade Iraq?
US in Decline - Perils of Elitism & Vested Interests 
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